A Description of how to perform disbelief in Tāghūt


After we have now learnt about what Tāghūt is and what its means, we must know how to make Kufr in them; so that each and every one of us can judge whether we are those who truly make disbelief in Tāghūt or are amongst the false claimants. To make Kufr in Tāghūt is not simply a wish nor a claim of the tongue without any signs or actions; it can only be achieved by performing disbelief in Kufr by one’s belief, by one’s speech and by one’s actions at the same time.


Kufr bit Tāghūt by Aqeedah

It is by holding enmity, hatred and detest to the Kufr in one’s heart; and to believe that that Tāghūt and whatever worships him are disbelievers. One must believe such and there can be no excuse for one’s heart, since the realms of the heart and its belief cannot be forcibly changed by any person. His belief is between him and Allah (swt) and cannot be interfered or encroached by any one. Consequently, there is no excuse of compulsion for the one who believes in Kufr or who is pleased with a Tāghūt since compulsion is an excuse for the apparent actions and not for the inner beliefs. This matter every single person who calls himself a Muslim must do it as the opposite of it means that he is happy with Kufr; and is happy with the Tāghūt’s crimes and Kufr. There is no disagreement that the one who is pleased with Kufr is a Kaafir (disbeliever).


Kufr bit Tāghūt by Speech

This can only be by declaring Takfeer (excommunication) upon the Tāghūt by one’s tongue. One must also declare disassociation from it (the Tāghūt), it’s religion, followers and worshippers. One must also expose why such a Taahgout is upon falsehood and disbelief. As Allah (swt) says in the Qur’an,


 “Say O disbelievers!” [al-Kaafiroun]


One must use clear language when facing the Tāghūt without lessening or twisting the reality these Tawagheet are in. One should declare, ‘O disbelievers! O mushrikeen! O Criminals!’ Allah (swt) also said,


 “There is for you an excellent example (to follow) in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people: ‘We dissociate ourselves from you and of whatever you worship besides Allah. We have rejected (kafarna) you all, and there has arisen, between us and you, enmity and hatred for ever - unless you believe in Allah alone." [al-Mumtahina 60:4]


In what has Allah (swt) specified that Ibraheem (as) and those with him are an excellent example for us? Regarding what they said to their people and the Tawagheet who were worshipped besides Allah (swt) – we are free from you, from your religion and from your Tawagheet… we have disbelieved in you and what you worship besides Allah (swt)… and between us and yourselves there is enmity and hatred forever. This last statement is the clear and announced purpose, a continuing enmity (one of the body and inner belief) which cannot be abated or reduced except by one condition, that being for the people to reject all the false deities and Tawagheet worshipped besides Allah (swt) and to surrender to Allah (swt) alone.


Similarly, Allah (swt) said regarding Ibraheem (as),


 “Behold! Abraham said to his father and his people: ‘I indeed free myself of what you worship. (I worship) only Him Who made me, and He will certainly guide me.’” [Surah az-Zukhruf 43:26]


This is the true religion of Ibraheem (as). All those who claim to follow Ibraheem (as) path and religion must fulfil it the same way he (as) did and say such words and speech. Whoever rejects such a way except the one who has no mind as Allah (swt) has described them,


 “And who turns away from the religion of Abraham but such as debase their souls with folly?” [Al-Baqara 2:130]


In a hadith related by Mua’wiyah bin Hayda who said,


“I said to the Prophet (saw), ‘O Prophet of Allah! What did Allah (swt) send you with to us?’ He (saw) replied, ‘With Islam’. I said, ‘And what are the signs of Islam?’ He (saw) said, ‘To say: I have surrendered myself to Allah (swt) the most High and I have forgone everything else; to establish the prayer and to pay the alms; a Muslim to another Muslim is sacred; and they help one another…” [Sunan An-Nisa’i, Hadith no. 2408]


When the Prophet (saw) said, ‘I have forgone everything else’ this means that they have given up all forms of shirk and worshipping of the Tawagheet besides Allah (swt). So one of the signs which affirms one’s Islam is to say clearly and without any hesitation to all the Tawagheet upon the earth, ‘we have rejected you and we do not worship you.’


Ibn Taymiyyah commented,


“A person cannot be Muwahid except by rejecting Ash-Shirk and declaring disassociation to it and to declare Takfeer upon the one who falls into Shirk.”


Kufr bit Tāghūt by Actions

This can only occur by withdrawing from and avoiding the Tāghūt and fighting it and its supporters. And not to take them as friends or supports as Allah (swt) says, 


 “Those who eschew the Tāghūt, and fall not into its worship, and turn to Allah (swt), for them is Good News: so announce the Good News to My Servants.” [Surah Az-Zumar 39:16]


And Allah (swt) has said,


 “And fight the leaders of Kufr” [Surah At-Tauba 9:12]


All the leaders of Kufr are Tawagheet. Allah (swt) says,


 “O ye who believe! fight the unbelievers who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you” [Surah At-Tauba 9:123]


And Allah (swt) says,


 “O ye who believe! Take not for friends unbelievers rather than believers.” [Surah An-Nisa 4:144]


And Allah (swt) has said,


 “And whoever makes allegiance with them is of them.” [Surah Al-Maida 5:51]


And Allah (swt) has said,


 “O ye who believe! Take not my enemies and yours as friends (or protectors), offering them (your) love, even though they have rejected the Truth that has come to you” [Surah Al-Mumtahina 60:1]


These are but few of the plentiful verses found in the Qur’an which teach us and describe how one should make Kufr bit Tāghūt by speech and actions.



We have described how one should go about making Kufr bit Tāghūt by speech, actions and in the heart; whoever performs Kufr bit Tāghūt in this fashion in its entirety without any deficiency, he is the one who has attained the condition of performing Kufr bit Tāghūt in its true form. Whoever does not fulfil this condition in the way we have mentioned has not declared Kufr bit Tāghūt even if he repeats this on his tongue over a thousand times!


The most surprising people are those people who claim that they make Kufr bit Tāghūt and are sickened to be considered worshippers of Tāghūt. However at the same time you find such persons making allegiance with the Tāghūt, whether by actions or speech, and they defend them and fight on their behalf, entering into their service and armies and attending to them for arbitration. Some of them even fight and have enmity towards the Muwahideen because of the Tawagheet. Those sorts have not realised the true meaning of Kufr bit Tāghūt even if they claim otherwise. Their reality denies and refutes their false claims.

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